September 3rd, 2011

Keanu quote of the day

Are you someone who turns on the TV immediately after waking up and checks the latest news on your mobile phone?

"No, definitely not. I wake up slowly, and then I try to remember what I was dreaming about. I wonder what the day will bring and what plans I have for the day. And then I go have a shower and stand in front of my closet and wonder what to wear. An ordinary start to the day. Nothing special."

And what do you do the last ten minutes every day?

"I lie in my bed and recall the day's events. How it was, and did everything work the way I wanted it to? And then I start to think about the next day. What I have to do tomorrow... do I have any appointments? You know, I have a very, very great bed. It is wonderful to lie in, and it's a great place to think and reflect."