February 5th, 2017


Animated and open during our interview, we asked Keanu to talk about love.

“I think to receive love and to give love is really the nourishment in our lives right? And not only beyond our nourishment, it is also attached to what we hope for and what we search for. Certainly through the journey of life, that story of love changes, grows, ends, and continues. It’s not just a partner, it’s also with your friendships, with your family. Love is a force and it takes on different colors and takes on different responsibilities, commitment to the other. So without it, it’s like not having any water for the vine. We become extinct, we die.

“It can transcend one-to-one, also for yourself and to another, and that can come into a community. Communities can share love. That is support, affection, opportunity. That can become interpersonal and that can become part of a group. From a story telling point of view, it’s one of the things in our lives.”

As for where he is right now in love, Keanu answered, “Well in the 984,000 versions of love, I have got a few thousand of them. But yeah, I am going to go super traditional. I am not married. I don’t have children, so maybe that is something that I can respond to. Hopefully, I get lucky.”