keanuquotes (keanuquotes) wrote,

Keanu quote of the day

What music do you listen to, and has it influenced you?

"I still enjoy the music that I connected to in my youth. But since then, it's kind of broadened out just through experience and time. But you know, I was lucky. When I was this young kid, I started to hear The Ramones and Violent Femmes and The Clash. And bands like The Exploited and Joy Division. And then my world got a lot better. Yeah. It seemed like at that time in my life, I kind of found a music to dance to. And something that I could vibrate at the same pulse with. Something that I could express myself with. I'll share a really good day about that, with you. One of the people who introduced me to some of this music was this woman named Penny. And I remember my first car had these speakers that I could take out of the back and stick on my roof. And I remember one night when we went out, I guess I was about seventeen, we went out to this park and just put the speakers on the top of the car. And the bands that I spoke about were playing, and we were just dancing in the night. That was fun. That was a good day!"
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