keanuquotes (keanuquotes) wrote,

Keanu quote of the day

"After the wreck last year (1996) when I broke my ankle, a friend of mine told me  'You're riding different now - you're riding scared.' And I was. I would be driving and see a car come out and my body would clench and the temperature would change and the adrenaline rush would happen. That's kind of gone away now. I hadn't had a car in six years, but I bought a 1996 Carrera Four black-on-black Porsche. It's the closest car I can get to a motorcycle. I got it mostly so I could relax after the accident. Sometimes friends don't want to ride, or it's raining, and I play sports and I have to lug my equipment. I'm tired, I'm an old man now, so now I have a car to rest."
Tags: accidents, carrera, keanu quotes, keanu reeves, porsche

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